Men’s World Cup

The Men's Hockey World Cup

The Men’s Hockey World Cup

The field hockey world cup is managed by the FIH, the international board that manages hockey tournaments around the world.  The first mens world cup was held in Barcelona, Spain in 1971.

The men’s world cup started in 1971 and was initially held every two years, but after 1978, the FIH changed their minds and decided to have it every four years. The host nation, the existing world cup title holder and the winner of each continental championship (i.e., Europe, Oceania, Americas, Africa and Asia) are automatic qualifiers with the remaining places filled through qualifying tournaments.  If you don’t understand this, don’t worry — we don’t either.  Trust the FIH to make things more complicated than less — if you follow international field hockey, you will notice that this is a continuing trend.

Here are the winners of the mens’ world cup since they began.  Pakistan have won the world cup a record four times.  Netherlands have been gold medalists thrice.  Australia and Germany have won the cup twice, and India once.

1971 – BarcelonaPakistan (gold), Spain (silver), India (bronze)
1973- Amsterdam – Netherlands (gold), India (silver), Germany (bronze)
1975 – Kuala Lumpur – India (gold), Pakistan (silver), Germany (bronze)
1978 – Buenos Aires – Pakistan (gold), Netherlands (silver), Australia (bronze)
1982 – Bombay – Pakistan (gold), Germany (silver), Australia (bronze)
1986 – London – Australia (gold), England (silver), Germany (bronze)
1990 – Lahore – Netherlands (gold), Pakistan (silver), Australia (bronze)
1994 – Sydney – Pakistan (gold), Netherlands (silver), Australia (bronze)
1998 – Utrecht – Netherlands (gold), Spain (silver), Germany (bronze)
2002 – Kuala Lumpur – Germany (gold), Australia (silver), Korea (bronze)
2006 – Monchengladbach – Germany (gold), Australia (silver), Spain (bronze)
2010 – New Delhi – Australia (gold), Germany (silver), Netherlands (bronze)

Here are the highlights of the 2010 World Cup men’s field hockey final between Australia and Germany played in New Delhi, India.

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